Legend – Identity

Final Stationary and Logo Presentation –
Legend™ A Cut Above The Rest


Below is the copy I wrote as a reminder of who my client is and what they want:

Adventurers like us will walk miles for the right crystal stream with a light cool breeze behind us and want the right rugged clothes on our backs – comfort is a luxury in wide open spaces – from Legend’s Sun-blocking Hat™, that wicks away sweat from our brow to Legend’s Hi-Pro Waders™ that keep us dry and wanting to go the distance – beyond the reach of the brook.
 The love of Fly Fishing goes beyond the goal to win, it is the elements of the sport – a rod and reel, fly and steel. Our hearts race to catch the rush.

It is just you against the flow – rhythm and timing, wading and waiting for the thrill of the strike on your line.

We are practiced and patient. We are perfection. We want quality. We want the catch of a lifetime – to tell the tale with fellow Fly Fishers around the kindling warm-glow of the fireplace after a beautiful bountiful day.

At Legend™, we offer Fly Fishers with quality comfort outerwear to fit the adventure.


Legend logoOf the four logos presented, the client prefers the first one on the top left. The font and logo icon meet the initial criteria and demographics as outlined.

The logo for Legend™ embodies the main staple of every Fly Fisherman’s adventure – the fish. Because many species of fish are different sizes, a silhouette for the fish is desirable.

The imagery for the ads will feature different species and settings. The color palette for the ads should be fully saturated Earth tones with sepia tones behind the logo. The merchandise will provide the “spot color” and focal point.

The Legend™ logo, whenever possible, needs to include materials such a metals, this way the brand is galvanized in the truest tradition of Legend™.

If white is the main color of the logo, we prefer a pearl to capture the salmon color on a trout. This treatment will be for specialty items only, like our signature pocket knife with a pearl inlay handle.
Foiling for stationary is also preferred, which will provide a sharp contrast to matte finishes for business cards and glossy catalogs.

Sketches and Benchmarking
Below are the ideas for type placement and visual weight and balance. From Google search,
Orvis logo and color palette. With this example, the direction
was decisive to go with a clean typeface and silhouette of a fish.


Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.23.14 PM

Date: January 25, 2015
Designer: Shelly Cailler of Screen Connect Design
Client: Fly Fisherman Club
Project Name: Legend™ Fisher Threads & Tales
Project Type/Category: Clothing Apparel for Fly Fishers
Taglines (Working): A Cut Above The Rest, Tell the Tale, We are Legend™

Client Information:

Fly Fisherman Club is launching a new men’s clothing line – Legend™. Requesting the following initial deliverables:
Name – Legend™
Logo for print, online, clothing tags
Stationary, posters, variable size magazine ads, web ads
Logo emblem for patches and embroidery.
The logo needs to encompass a fish and fishing line, a clean dynamic minimal feel. See section DESIGN CHALLENGE & PROJECT CONCEPT(S) for more details.


Legend™ will be a top-tier brand made from high-quality materials for durability. 
The competition and similar qualities and prices are: Orvis, Patagonia and Simms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 6.22.26 PMMost all have “brick and click” presence. These are strong brands that cater to a span of income levels; brand messages tied to decades of quality merchandise.

With focused specialization, Legend™ will too be able to compete. Fishing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. The Fly Fisherman Club enthusiasts range from weekend family vacationers to the professional, doctor or banker: they travel the globe in search of the perfect water. Traveling distances, from clear water streams to ocean coves to catch the prized fish with his favorite homemade fly. Our members enjoy superior products and services. We are atypical in our approach to life – we are naturalists, believing in the preservation of the land. We are the new generation of a niche market. Alike, we also savor the best foods and finest spirits. We also enjoy high-quality apparel. We will introduce a natural product line to compete with our competitors. We demand this, our Earth demands this and our children deserve this approach.
We are Legend™.

To offer a cohesive thread to the entire campaign, we will expand on the 
The Fisherman Club’s website – adding click-through banner ads with point of sale incentives when available with exclusivity to our upper tiered member status.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 6.22.50 PMThe logo will be one color, needs to reduce well inside an oval for patches. For now, 
one color will work best for reproduction costs, to achieve a marginal profit for this approach. Realistic color of trout will be added as consumers demand this attribute. In this case, patches purchased at higher quantities for the highest price break is preferred. The patches will be handed out at trade fairs and schools and inside orders over $100 at the time of sale. 
We will need three size ovals: 2″ x 4″, “2-1/2″ x 4-1/2”
3” x 4”
The primarily use for these patches are as follows: “trucker” meshed hats, low-profile sporting baseball hats and popular stocking caps, each requiring different dimensions. For ease 
of application, these patches need iron-on backing (add $.10 per piece up to 5.5″). Below is a reference for desired metallic thread colors with cotton-y backing and 75% merrowed edging.[1][2] These colors are symbolic of precious metals the Earth offers: Gold, Silver and Copper. 
Please note longer production times are needed because of the specialized metallic thread.

The Legend™ logo, whenever possible, needs to include materials such a metals, this way the brand is galvanized in the truest tradition of Legend™. If white is the main color 
of the logo, we prefer a pearl to capture the salmon color on a trout. Please note: This treatment will be for specialty items only, like our Legend™ Signature Pearl Inlay Pocket Knife. 
 Foiling for stationary is also preferred, which will give a sharp contrast to matte finishes. Like the initial “tape” startup fee for embroidery, the die-cut will be a one-time setup charge, but the additional expense is worth 
the end result and can be repurposed for future orders.

The Fly Fishermen membership aligns with Legend™ branding. The statistics cater to a masculine audience. We are business professionals who value quality craftsmanship. Our median income is $121,000. We relish in the good life. We enjoy the outdoors and prefer fly fishing over golfing or tennis. We read magazines Field & Stream and Fly Fisherman Magazine, other magazines include Forbes, BusinessWeek, AdAge, and The Wall Street Journal.

We plan father-son trips to local destinations like Chesapeake Bay, Montana’s West Yellowstone and Alaska’s Bristol Bay where the catch is Legendary and include, silver and pink salmon, arctic char, Dolly Varden, or rainbow trout–up to 70 a day. Or spare no expense entertaining our clients at quintessential prominent destinations like Kola Peninsula, Russia for a chance to catch a mammoth 40-pound Atlantic Salmon.

We start our adventures at a young age and continue well into retirement. We enjoy enduring friendships with fellow fishermen. Noteworthy, few women Fly Fish, however the number is increasing yearly. Fly Fisherman want the best life has to offer, likewise they give back and prefer a brand who shares in the well-being of greatest waters on Earth. Legend™ will fulfill the promise of conservation, by donating money toward maintaining a healthy environment.

The apparel line Legend™will expand on the sophistication and affluent minded of our customer by offering quality apparel for all-season gear.[3][4]

Main logo font to be determined, but should reduce well. The following are considerations:
Hoefler Text / Legend
Iowan Old Style / Legend
Luminari / Legend
Superclaredon / Legend
Body copy fonts for print and online applications:
Avenir / preferred font size: 11pt or 12pt

Because young and old alike enjoy Fly Fishing, our goal is to appeal to this vast age range with legible font styles, in this case, Avenir serves this purpose.
For initial marketing efforts, ad placement will appear in the following print/online sources: Fly Fisherman Magazine (print + online content), Google Ads, these provide a solid cross mix of media.

Here, strong action headlines will drive the campaign. Below are three examples:
1. “You deserve the Best. You deserve Legend™ Fishing Collection Apparel – 
Be a Legend.”
——— and ———-
2. The Perfect Gift Card –
“One Size Fits All – “You deserve the Best. You deserve Legend™ Fishing Collection Apparel – Be a Legend.” Buy Today – He is expecting nothing else.”
——— and ———-
3. “Legend™ Signature Pearl Inlay Pocket Knife makes a great gift this Father’s Fisher’s Day. Buy Today – He is expecting nothing else. Be a Legend.”

As aforementioned above, clickable web ads will appear on the homepage 
of mainstay Fly Fishermen Club’s website, layout and dimensions to be determined monthly 
(see picture above, left)
A full-line integrated website will be developed with easy shopping carts and checkout. 
A homepage rotator will anchor the homepage and tie to all print and online media.
™ Fishing Collection Apparel

Fishing Shirts
Pants & Shorts
Jackets & Vests
Fishing Hats, Buffs & Bandanas
Fishing Gloves & Socks
Women’s Fly Fishing Gear & Apparel
Top Rated for Fly Fishing
Sporting/Outdoor Gifts
Spin Fishing
Cold Weather Fishing

acceleration, acid, air resistance, algae, amount, angling, aquatic insects, Arctic char, Atlantic salmon, bend, biological, bottom, brook trout, brown, caddisflies, caster, casting stroke, catch, caudal fin, chalk streams, chinook, chinook salmon, coho salmon, color, component, concentrations, current flow, cycle, decreases, density, depends, depth, diameter, discharge, distance, eggs, energy, environment, epilimnion, essentially, eutrophic, example, factor, feeding, feet, fish, fish’s, flies, fluid, fly anglers, fly line, fly rod, fly-fishing, food items, force, freshwater, gler, graphite, habitat, hatch, hook, hypolimnion, imitate, inches, increase, lakes, length, light, limnetic zone, line speed, loop, mayflies, motion, moving, nature, nymph, object, organisms, oxygen, percent, period, physical, plants, pools, predators, pressure, prey, rainbow trout, refraction, regard, relatively, result, river, rod tip, salmonids, sediment, shape, spawning, species, spring creeks, stoneflies, stream channel, substrate, survival, taper, tion, trout and salmon, vegetation, velocity, water flow, water surface, water temperature, watershed, wavelengths


[1] Monogramming with Metallic Thread. (2014, September 21). Retrieved January 19, 2015, from http://modern-monogramming.com/monogramming-with-metalic-thread/

[2] Creative Custom Embroidered Patch Options | Signature Patches. (n.d.). Retrieved January 21, 2015, from http://www.signaturepatches.com/patchoptions.htm/

[3] 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, The U.S.
Fish and Game Division of the Department of the Interior; Hunting and Fishing: Bright Stars in the American Economy, The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, 2007; Dynamic Logic/Millward Brown CrossMedia Research, 2004-2007; The Magazine Publishers Association. Retrieved January 20, 2015,

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